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Legalize Cannabis

Campaigns to Legalize Cannabis Seem Unstoppable written by: Felixdavid Cannabis is still an illegal substance in many countries but it seems things are taking a different approach in the USA. Campaigns to legalize cannabis appear to be unstoppable and lobby groups do not look as if to giving up anytime soon. There is no doubt […]

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Growing Cannabis

Why Growing Cannabis Should be Legalized and Encouraged written by: Felixdavid Cannabis has been decriminalized in many states in the USA but it remains illegal under the federal laws. However, campaigns are being held in all corners of the country by the lovers of marijuana to push for its legalization and social acceptance. Some people […]

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Cannabis Strains

Best Cannabis Strains that you need to Sample this Fall written by: Felixdavid To some people, especially those new in the industry, cannabis is all the same and the assumption is that users get the same experience in all strains. Well, there are numerous cannabis strains from different parts of the world and they all […]

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The Cannabis Cup

Things you should know about The Cannabis Cup Festival written by: Felixdavid No doubt, many people have heard about the popular Cannabis-Cup Festival but very few know much about it. The official name is the High-Times Cannabis Cup, a festival held to popularize and normalize consumption of cannabis and cannabis products. This, one of the […]

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Cannabis Apparel

Super-Duper Cannabis Apparel for Classy Stoners written by: Felixdavid Cannabis is now consumed by many people throughout the country as a recreational stuff and it is gradually becoming a culture. Are you a big stoner and proud for taking marijuana for recreational purposes? Well, there are different ways of celebrating this amazing stuff without necessarily […]

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Cannabis 420

The Origin and Meaning Cannabis 420 Celebrations written by: Felixdavid The cannabis culture is gradually spreading to different parts of the world and the number of people taking marijuana for medical or recreation purposes is on the rise. The cannabis culture revolves around the production, distribution, and consumption of Cannabis and the related products. It […]

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