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Cannabis Apparel

Super-Duper Cannabis Apparel for Classy Stoners
written by: Felixdavid

Cannabis is now consumed by many people throughout the country as a recreational stuff and it is gradually becoming a culture. Are you a big stoner and proud for taking marijuana for recreational purposes? Well, there are different ways of celebrating this amazing stuff without necessarily taking it in public and cause unnecessary drama. One of the most modern ways of showing your love for Cannabis is by wearing clothes with writings and images about it. Use of cannabis branded clothes is gradually becoming a common trend among many people who want to express their love for the holy plant in a different way. There are various types of Cannabis apparel to choose from, which range from T-shirts, shirts, pants, jackets, pullovers, leggings, caps and hoods, only to name a few. Nowadays, you can even get yourself custom-made clothes and choose the cannabis image or writings that you want to be added to it.

Days are gone when you had to smoke, eat marijuana, grow or carry it around to show your love for it. Today the holy plant has become part of fashion and its lovers are wearing clothes designs with cannabis images and writings. The world of high fashion is gradually taking over and green is now the new black in the world of fashion among the marijuana lovers. All you need is to get cannabis apparel that represents your favorite strains and come out rocking. For those who are new in the industry, the following are some of the coolest marijuana branded attires that you should consider adding to your wardrobe next time you go out shopping for clothes.

1. Fancy Cannabis Branded Shirt

A fancy casual shirt is a must-have attire that every man should have in his Wardrobe. This is very important to men who have formal jobs whereby they have to be suits from Monday to Friday. You need to have a few selections of casual shirts to wear when going out with friends. Nowadays you can buy your cannabis shirt online or in some of the leading stores throughout the country, even in the states where marijuana is yet to be legalized. The good thing is that there are numerous designs and colors to choose from and it is hard to miss one that matches your tastes and preferences. For those who love designer clothes, you can request a custom-made cannabis shirt from your designer and specify the images or writings about cannabis that should be included on it. To the modern classic stoners, cannabis branded shirt is a hot outfit to wear when going for informal occasions, music festivals, when going for a date or even when chilling with your friends.

2. A Cannabis Twill Court Jacket

This unisex solid court jacket is perfect cannabis apparel for anyone who wants to look classy and fashionable. The jacket can be worn on and off the tennis court and come out gracefully. You can complete it with a fitted T-shirt and a nice pair of jeans and sneakers when chilling with friends or when attending informal occasions. You can also choose from a plain white jacket or your favorite color spiced with nice images or writings about cannabis. In many instances, these jackets come with a green, black or red cannabis leaf image on the chest, shoulders or at the back. Nowadays you can get a fancy cannabis-twill court-jacket from the leading clothing stores in the country or online stores. The idea is not to just have an ordinary court jacket, but have cannabis branded jacket to show your love for the marijuana and related products.

3. Cannabis Branded Mary Jane Runway Attire

This attire is for women who love Mary Jane Runway line of clothes. This style of dressing is rapidly becoming common among many young women who want to look like a real rock star. Women who love style and elegance can bear witness that nothing comes out as beautiful as pair three-piece attire from the Mary-Jane-Runway. Do not just go for an ordinary dress, try and pick a well-fitted casual wear with your favorite cannabis writings or images. For instance, you can pick cannabis branded crop top, leggings and a matching kimono and come out rocking. For those who prefer designer clothes, you can ask for a tailor-made outfit and have it spiced with your favorite cannabis themes.

4. Cannabis Leaf Denim Shirt

A denim shirt is a cool casual top that is popular in the current fashion platforms. For those who love denim shirts, you can have one with a marijuana leaf drawn at the back to show your love for the holy plant. These shirts have also captured the attention of superstars lately and Justin Beiber was once spotted wearing a similar shirt, though his was a designer made. The good thing with denim shirt is that they are normally unisex and come out gracefully in both males and females. More so, denim shirts are available in a wide selection of colors and designs to choose from based on your tastes and preferences.

5. Cannabis Branded Army Parka

To the lovers of Army Parka, the attire is a cool outfit for marijuana fans who want to look bold and fashionable. The idea is to have your favorite army Parka spiced with cannabis images and writings of your choice. The good thing with army Parka is that they come in different designs and you can easily find your favorite one. You can either pick ready-made cannabis branded Army Parka or request for a designer made where you get an opportunity to choose the images and writing to be added to it. Some of the images that come out stylishly on army Parka include green and white cannabis leaves and flowers.

6. Cannabis Branded Leggings

To the ladies who love wearing leggings, you can celebrate your love for cannabis by buying a legging with images of your favorite strain. This may include leaves, flowers or even the whole plant. Leggings may be unfashionable to some people in this day and age but fancy Cannabis branded leggings are special attire that every girl who loves marijuana should consider having in her wardrobe.

Generally, there are numerous cannabis apparels that classy consumers of marijuana should have in their closet. Other clothes include T-shirts, Pullovers, and hoods among others. You can go for ready-made attires with your favorite cannabis images and writings to show your appreciation for marijuana. On the other hand, you can pick a casual outfit of your choice and let designers add your preferred cannabis images and writings on it. However, it is good to note that some of clothes are suitable for specific occasions.

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