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Cannabis Strains

Best Cannabis Strains that you need to Sample this Fall
written by: Felixdavid

To some people, especially those new in the industry, cannabis is all the same and the assumption is that users get the same experience in all strains. Well, there are numerous cannabis strains from different parts of the world and they all come with varying experience. Actually, cannabis strains come in major categories of Sativa, Indica, Edibles, and hybrids. Days are past when people knew only one variety of cannabis grown in their area. Now you can sample a wide selection of marijuana from all corners of the world because the industry has grown and the holy plant has drastically gained popularity. Today, for those who do not know, we even have seasonal high-quality strains that are suitable for different weather conditions. Well, if you are a new marijuana smoker looking for something really good this fall, then relax. Here are best cannabis-strains that you should sample.

1. Cookies

This is a popular hybrid cannabis that was formerly known as the Girl-Scout-Cookies. The strain is one of the coolest stuff in the market and one of the best varieties to smoke this autumn weather. For smokers looking for a strong sense of euphoria and high feeling that will last longer, cookies is the strain to go for. Some of the cookies that you can easily get in the market include the O.G. Kush and the Durban Poison. This strain of cannabis is a perfect relaxing stuff for smoking when relaxing at home in a cold weather.

2. The Jack Skellington

This super brand of marijuana strain is named after the popular Halloween-Town-Hero, Jack Skellington. There is nothing as good as being high this season and celebrate the legacy of this star. Well, this strain is a combination of Jack the Ripper and the Killer Queen strains craftily mixed to produce a super variety that comes with a high and calming experience. For those looking for a marijuana strain that will help reduce stress, mood disorders, and anxiety, this is the stuff to go for. The holy plant is known as a strong stress reliever and Jack Skellington strain tops in the list.

3. Maple Leaf Indica

This is an award-winning marijuana in the Cannabis Cup festival that every serious stoner should consider sampling. The Maple-leaf-Indica is a hot stuff that originally came from the Afghani line and gives the user as relaxing experience like no other. This strain of marijuana comes with a calming buzz and it is suitable when you are idle, watching a movie, listening to your favorite music or when chilling with friends.

4. The Blackberry Kush

This is a Cannabis cup award winning strain that you cannot afford to ignore if you are a serious stoner. To those new in the marijuana industry, Blackberry Kush is popular Indica strain that comes with a cozy experience suitable for a cold weather. The good thing with this cannabis strain is that it gives the user a high experience that you are unlikely to get from other strains.

5. The Jack Herer

This is one of the of the most popular cannabis strains that have won awards in the Cannabis Cup Sativa-hybrid category. Have you ever heard people say that they smoke marijuana when they want to think big and develop solutions to issues? Well, the Jack Herer strain is the stuff you should consider sampling if you want to induce some creativity. This strain gives users a strong euphoric high feeling, good for those feeling low and looking for something good to pick them up and remain activated. Jack Herer strain is the stuff to puff before commencing on something that requires intense creativity such as writing a book. This strain of marijuana comes with a spicy-wood flavor that gives users a memorable experience.

6. The Ewok

For those who follow the Cannabis Cup keenly, this is a popular marijuana strain that you must have heard time and again. To the new stoners, the Ewok is a great stuff that worn the 2013 Cannabis Cup hybrid category. Ewok is a perfect blend that comes with a high euphoric head buzz for a longer time. This makes it one of the best strains to smoke this fall. Smoking Ewok gives users initial concentrated high feeling that is followed by a lazier and happy mood. It is, therefore, one of the best marijuana strains to smoke during weekends when you are idle or when you want to pass time on a lazy day.

7. Tahoe O.G.

This Cannabis strain might not be well known to new stoners but it is actually a good stuff for those who want to feel relaxed, especially during weekends. The Tahoe O.G. is a combination of OG Kush and SFV OG that gives users a strong body experience and high feeling that comes with happy mood. The spicy scent of this strain of marijuana comes with nerve stimulating experience that keeps user active for a long duration.

8. The Northern Lights

The Northern lights is one of the best strains and a Cannabis Cup award-winning stuff that you should consider sampling if you want to light your life. Actually, it is one of the dankest strains to smoke on a cold day when you want to feel high and activated. The good thing with this strain of marijuana is that it gives users a high and super relaxing experience. The earthy flavor in this cannabis strain comes with a nerve stimulating experiences that keep users active the whole day.

9. The Jack Frost

This is another marijuana strain that no serious stoner can afford to miss this fall. The strain is a perfect boost for a cold weather when things start to get frosty. This cool stuff comes from the popular Jack Herer strain and gives users a cerebral high feeling that is uplifting and inspiring.

10. Blue Dream

Just as the name says, this the stuff to puff when you want to experience high blue dreams. The Blue Dream is a Cannabis Cup award-winning strain from the Sativa-dominant-hybrid variety. The strain is one of the most popular varieties in the West Coast that is produced after combining Bluberry-Indica and Haze- Sativa strains. Blue Dream gives users a relaxing and cozy feeling and as well as enough energy to go out and carry on with your chores without getting easily fatigued.

Generally, there are numerous strains of marijuana that you can smoke this fall and feel high without emptying your bank. The good thing with the strains listed above is that they are tested and proved to be good for human consumption in different laboratories in the countries. Above all, some of the above strains have participated in the Cannabis Cup awards and won trophies in their categories. Now you know. Do not just smoke any marijuana strain this season. Go for the finest strain so that you can get the best experience.

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