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Growing Cannabis

Why Growing Cannabis Should be Legalized and Encouraged
written by: Felixdavid

Cannabis has been decriminalized in many states in the USA but it remains illegal under the federal laws. However, campaigns are being held in all corners of the country by the lovers of marijuana to push for its legalization and social acceptance. Some people still hold the notion that cannabis is bad for human consumption and should remain an illegal herb. This is actually the reason why growing of cannabis and its consumption is yet to be legalized in several states in the U.S. It is also worth noting that marijuana is an illegal stuff in many countries globally and those found growing it, smoking it or in possession of it face dire legal consequences. However, many countries are gradually accepting marijuana as medicinal or recreational stuff. Some countries are actually working on laws to regulate the growing of cannabis and its consumption.

It is still unclear to some people what has changed now about marijuana and why it should be legalized and people encouraged growing it. Truth be told, cannabis has numerous economic, social and medicinal benefits that cannot be ignored. This is actually one of the reasons why some people against marijuana in the past are now advocating for its growth and consumption. The following are some of the social, economic and medicinal benefits of marijuana, enough reasons why it should be legalized and accepted in the society.

Marijuana has proved to be a good source of income to many people in the countries where it has been legalized. There are some states in the USA where local authorities are making billions from cannabis. Some local and state governments in the USA are already making good money from its taxation. Those growing and selling cannabis are required to pay the local government for permits. Additionally, those selling cannabis and its related products have to pay some revenue to the government in form of value-added taxes.

The production and selling of cannabis has provided many people with a source of income in the states where it has been legalized. This has subsequently empowered the society in these states economically and the once low life people with no income are now living a decent life. It is also worth noting that today marijuana is being processed into different products and more people have been employed in these production chains. In the other words, the legalization of marijuana has turned the once prohibited herb into a source of wealth to many people who have no alternative source of income.

Marijuana has also been accepted in many parts of the world for medicinal use. The once-neglected herb is now recommended by doctors to treat and manage some ailments and conditions. This is because cannabis comes with numerous benefits that have not been found in any other herb. For instance, cannabis has been proven to contain anti-obese substances appropriate for people who want to reduce some weight. Studies have shown that smoking a few puffs of cannabis can help a person to slim and avoid the risk of becoming obese.

Contrary to what has been perceived by many people, smoking cannabis improves the functioning of lungs. Cannabis is also known for its ability to boost creativity and concentration among users. Those who use marijuana have affirmed that they are more creative after smoking a few puffs. Marijuana is, therefore, a cool stuff that can be used to unlock the brain and enhance creativity when a person is required think intensely. Unbelievably, marijuana can be used to improve the performance of athletes too. Cannabis is anti-inflammatory and users are more active than those who do not smoke it. These two factors are essential in sporting activities where the participant is required to be extremely active. Previous studies have also shown that some chemical components found in cannabis have the ability to kill cancer cells. This means that marijuana can be used in the treatment of cancer by patients who have become resistant to other drugs. It also comes as an alternative natural treatment for cancer, instead of using artificial treatments that come with adverse effects to patients.

Studies conducted on cannabis and alcohol in different laboratories show that smoking marijuana is safer by far than taking alcohol. This means that cannabis can be used as a substitute for alcohol by those who want to feel high without hurting their bodies. Studies by researchers from the Columbia University have shown that smoking marijuana can help drug addicts to stop taking other dangerous drugs such as heroin and cocaine. It is because of this reason that anti-drugs agencies in the USA have supported the idea of legalizing cannabis, hoping that it will help people to stop taking other hard substances.

Sociologists have now realized that marijuana has some crucial social benefits to its users. Contrary to the past perceptions that cannabis users are criminals and unproductive, current studies show that users of cannabis are friendly people and never become angry on slight provocation. Users of cannabis say that it is very difficult to have a negative feeling when you are high. Marijuana also reduces stress among users and they feel relaxed. Recent medical studies show that a few puffs of cannabis bring an incredible relaxation than when you have taken a few bottles beer.

Initially, many people were discouraged from taking cannabis because of the unfounded beliefs that it causes dullness to users. However, recent studies have shown that this is not true. Smoking marijuana unlocks the mind of the user and brings an extraordinary creativity. This is the reason why some of the famous musicians, actors, and producers have been using cannabis to boost their creativity. For those having poor sex experiences, cannabis is believed to increase the libido of users so that they can enjoy better sex. Stoners say that marijuana causes the body to relax and prevents premature ejaculation in men and delayed organism in women. This makes sex more enjoyable for both parties.

Generally, there are more benefits associated with smoking marijuana than disadvantages. Actually, regulated use of the holy herb has no harm to users and it does not affect their ability to go on with other activities. It is therefore beyond doubt that growing cannabis and its consumption is beneficial. Marijuana should be legalized so that people can reap benefits from holy herb without fear. The only way to ensure people have access to quality cannabis is by allowing them to grow it and have control on what they smoke. This will also reduce cases of smokers using contaminated marijuana that could harm their bodies. More so, law enforcers can only regulate growing and use of cannabis by legalizing it first.

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