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Legalize Cannabis

Campaigns to Legalize Cannabis Seem Unstoppable
written by: Felixdavid

Cannabis is still an illegal substance in many countries but it seems things are taking a different approach in the USA. Campaigns to legalize cannabis appear to be unstoppable and lobby groups do not look as if to giving up anytime soon. There is no doubt the Americans have started to appreciate the holy weed because new polls show that majorities are in support of the legalization of cannabis. The question many people are asking is if people can freely take alcohol and tobacco, why should they be restricted to enjoy marijuana and its related products. It all started with the limited use of cannabis for medical purposes but it seems that consumers now want more freedom to enjoy marijuana in peace. Actually, the campaigns have been so tough in the country to an extent that the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) feels that cannabis should be legalized and regulated just like tobacco and alcohol.

For instance, 2017 has been a busy year for the crusaders of the legalization of cannabis and the push seems to be more vigorous this time around. The DPA is currently working with proponents in New Jersey and New York to legalize the consumption of cannabis, but with some regulations. The idea is to make it legal and impose a tax on the production and selling of cannabis just as it is done with tobacco and alcohol. This means adults wishing to take cannabis in these two states have to adhere to the established laws. For instance, there should be no discrimination when selling the commodity, especially among the communities of color. Adults from all communities should be allowed to access marijuana equitably. More so, there is a campaign to end prohibition of cannabis in New York so that the marijuana industry can be free and open to all people.

It seems that those pushing to legalize cannabis have done enough research about the commodity and have numerous reasons to back their judgment. First, campaigners for the legalization of cannabis believe the move will reduce harm among many people, especially the youngsters. Their position is that criminalization of cannabis harms consumers, especially from the communities of color, and promotes corruption and violence. Secondly, those for the legalization of cannabis argue that it will lead to the creation of jobs. The plant will eventually become the largest cash crop in the country as long as its production and consumption are well regulated. Cannabis production will bring more revenue to the country when handled formally instead of when sold in illegal markets.

Currently, the local and state governments in the U.S. are using many resources in corrections and court costs when attending to issues to do with consumption of Cannabis and the related products. However, if the local and state government can legalize the use of marijuana, the move will bring in some resources that can be used in attending to issues arising from its consumption without relying solely on government funding. It is also worth noting that majority of the consumers and sellers of marijuana, and the related products do it in secrecy and this hinders consumer safety. If the product is legalized, proper testing and grading of cannabis will be done before the product is brought to the market to ensure it is of high quality and safe for human consumption. More so, consumers of cannabis will get an opportunity to learn about the products that they consume and the dangers of taking marijuana irresponsibly.

Campaigns to push for the legalized f marijuana have started to bear fruits in the U.S. because over 25 states and the District of Columbia have already legalized its production, distribution, and consumption for medical reasons. Above that, seven states have established laws to allow and regulate consumption of Cannabis for recreational purposes. Places, where laws to allow consumption of cannabis as a recreational stuff has been established include Massachusetts, Maine, California, and Nevada. For instance, in California, the law allows adults over 21 years to grow up to six marijuana plants in their homes and possess up to six ounces of cannabis. However, the laws in California states that any issue to do with licensing and taxes will take effect from January 2018. This will be a major step in as far as the use of cannabis and its related products is concerned because buyers and sellers of the commodity will be able to do business without fear.

It seems that the wave of cannabis in the USA has also touched legislatures in states where the commodity has been legalized. Some of these legislatures are now considering establishing measures to regulate the sale of Cannabis. For instance, legislatures in Massachusetts are developing laws to lower the amount of cannabis that a person can possess and retail stores that should be allowed to sell it. This is a clear indication that different states in the country are now committed to legalizing production, distribution, and consumption of this product that has been deemed illegal for many years. However, a lot needs to be done because there are some parts of the U.S. where it is still a criminal offense to not only take cannabis, but also be in possession of it.

It is undeniable that campaigns to legalize cannabis in the country have made tremendous achievements in the recent past. Some of the key personalities and politicians in the current regime who seem to push for the legalization marijuana at the federal level include John Morgan and Roger Stone among others. Additionally, a coalition consisting of Republicans, Democrats, Liberals, and Conservatives is also demanding that president Trump should respect and recognize laws passed in different states to legalize marijuana. The coalition has vowed to pressure Trump to exclude marijuana from the list of illegal drugs in the country.

Generally, it seems that majority of the people in the country have realized the leisure, medicinal and economic importance of cannabis and now want it to be politically accepted as it is with alcohol and tobacco. It is now evident that millions of the Americans want cannabis to be legalized because they have realized that it has more benefit than harm to the consumers and the whole country in general. It also seems that the call for the legalization of marijuana has become a common trend not only in the USA but also in other western countries. For instance, the USA neighbor, Canada, is also in the process of legalizing and regulating the use of cannabis. Many countries have realized that Marijuana is not a bad stuff, as it has been assumed to be, and legalizing its production and consumption comes with more benefits than disadvantages.

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