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The Cannabis Cup

Things you should know about The Cannabis Cup Festival
written by: Felixdavid

No doubt, many people have heard about the popular Cannabis-Cup Festival but very few know much about it. The official name is the High-Times Cannabis Cup, a festival held to popularize and normalize consumption of cannabis and cannabis products. This, one of the kind, festivals was initially founded by Steven Hager in 1988. It was later held regularly every November in Amsterdam where judges from all corners of the world were given an opportunity to sample, vote and categorize different varieties of marijuana and its products. The main objective of this festival, or if you like a trade fair, is to determine leaders in the production of marijuana in terms of quality. This means producers and sellers of marijuana products get a platform to market their products to potential buyers and compete with other producers on a leveled ground and a regulated platform.

A wide selection of products is displayed during the Cannabis Cup Festival. These include new marijuana products in the market such as the best Neder hash, best glass, best booth and much more. It is also the responsibility of the specially picked group of judges to decide the company that produces the best seeds of Sativa, Indica or any other hybrid variety of Cannabis or Neder hash. Additionally, the festival is spiced with live music concerts, educational seminars and favorable platform for users of marijuana products to mingle and share opinions about different products. Sellers of various marijuana products also get an opportunity to establish business connections with consumers from different parts of the world. These festivals play a very crucial role because many consumers would like to meet and sample the different products of marijuana before placing orders.

The festival has received massive appreciation in different parts of the world and the theme remains the same. To create awareness and normalizing marijuana and marijuana products. For instance, the festival was first hosted in the USA in 2010 and it has now become a regular event in different parts of the country. The Cannabis Cup Festival is now regularly held in Denver, Seattle, Northern California, and Southern California, only to mention a few regions in the country. The festival normally targets states where laws have been passed to legalize the use of marijuana and Marijuana products by adults, whether for recreational or medical purposes. Of course, the festival also serves as a platform for those leading marijuana consumption campaigns and pushing for its legalization in other states.

If you thought that is all about this festival, then you are very wrong. Just like it was done in the initial fair in Amsterdam, different varieties and products are sampled and judged and winners get trophies or, as they are called cups. The competition is conducted in different categories and there are rewards for winners from all categories picked by a team of VIP judges. However, it is worth noting that not every product related to Cannabis qualifies to exhibit in these festivals. First, all cannabis products have to be tested for CBD and THC content by autonomous cannabis testing laboratories to make sure they are of high quality, and suitable for human consumption. This is very important because many people have the notion that marijuana is a harmful substance and these doubts ought to be eliminated.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that this festival has not faced numerous hindrances since the first fair was held in Amsterdam over 27 years ago. Actually, a second similar festival was held in 2014 in Amsterdam since then due to legal constraints. For instance, Dutch laws have been unclear about consumption of cannabis in the country and in 2010 police raided a venue for the festival in Amsterdam. However, these festivals have become popular in the latest past in the USA and other countries where consumption of cannabis and related products has been legalized for medical purposes or as recreational stuff. In other words, cannabis consumption is gradually becoming a norm in many parts, especially in the western countries, and this has led to the spread of Cannabis cup festivals globally.

The festival is held as a trade show where consumers and sellers of cannabis and related products can mingle and sample what the market has to offer. Nowadays celebrities are hired to appear or perform in these festivals as a way of attracting more attendants and showing consumers, that anyone can take cannabis products, irrespective of their status in the society. The idea is to bring to an end the perception by many people that cannabis, popularly known as weed, ganja or marijuana is a bad stuff that should not be consumed by human beings. The festival is also used as a platform by consumers to celebrate legalization consumption of marijuana and related products in different states throughout the country. Consumption of marijuana and its related product has been deemed illegal for many years and its legalization in different states in the U.S is adequate reason for celebrating.

If you think these festivals will come to an end anytime soon, then you are very. HIGH TIMES has been hosting similar festivals for almost three decades now to create awareness of cannabis products and lobby for political and legal acceptance of marijuana and its products. Actually, Cannabis- Cup festivals are becoming popular day after day and they will become a normal practice in different parts of the world soon if the current trend is something to go by. New and more sophisticated products are exhibited in every new Cannabis-Cup festival and the number of people attending is on the rise. It is evident that cannabis will eventually become a substance that people will be taking freely in the near future because HIGH TIMES is committed to using these festivals to campaign for it normalization and legalization.

Unlike in the past when consumers of marijuana and its related products were less informed about the quality of products they were taking, the trend is gradually changing lately, thanks to Cannabis- Cup festivals. Today consumers know the quality of different marijuana products through exhibitions and educational seminars offered in these festivals. Additionally, different marijuana products are ranked by VIP judges during these festivals after a rigorous sampling to help consumers identify high-quality products. On the side of sellers, these festivals provide a platform to showcase their products and reach out to potential consumers from different parts of the world. Generally, the cannabis-cup is the best fair in as far as lobbying for legalization and normalization of cannabis and its products are concerned. Remember that you can as well attend one of these fairs and learn more about marijuana products from different parts of the world. All you need is to check the date when the festival will be held near your area and make necessary arrangements in advance.

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